Lesson and Course Pricing


Private Tandem Canoe Paddling Lessons for Couples:


These sessions will dedicate one instructor for each couple and will be a 4 hour session based on the ORCKA’s Safe Canoeing Program.  This session is excellent for couples who hope to canoe together on a recreational basis.  The focus will be on safety and the basic paddling skills necessary to make recreational canoeing fun.


Cost: $160.00 per couple - E-mail to set up lesson time


Family Safe Canoeing


This 4 hour program is dedicated to the family who wants to enjoy the outdoors from the vantage point of a canoe.  The focus will be on safety and the basic paddling skills necessary to make recreational canoeing a fun and safe family outing.  One instructor will be working with each family.


Cost: $200.00 -2 adults and 2 children ($40.00 for each additional child)   E-mail to set up a time


Safe Canoeing Program:


The 4 hour Safe Canoeing Program is designed as an introductory program for anyone who wishes to enter the world of recreational canoeing.  Participants will learn the fundamental skills and safety guidelines that will make canoeing an enjoyable experience.


Cost:  $60.00 per person – Min. 4 and Max. 10

Check course schedule or e-mail for a course date.





All Basic Canoe Courses are ORCKA sanctioned.  Each course will require a minimum of 4 participants to run.  If a course is not listed on the schedule, please e-mail to inquire about possible dates and times.  Pricing does not include travel costs.


Basic Levels 1, 2, and 3 are progressive 5 hour entry level tandem courses that will introduce, and move participants through a continuum of more challenging skills.  The more skilled an individual becomes at canoeing, the more enjoyable paddling will be.

Cost:  $100.00 for each level


Basic Level 4 (solo) is a 12 hour course that allows the individual to experience paddling in its purist form.  Participants will learn and experience the magic of individually controlling the canoe.

Cost:  $175.00


Basic Tandem (levels 1, 2, and 3 combined into one course) is a 12 hour course that carries the participants to a comfortable and skilled level in tandem paddling.  Individuals taking this course would like to be very good recreational canoeist.  Upon completion of this course, participants will have the tools to move to higher levels of canoeing.

Cost:  $175.00


Basic Tandem and Solo (combines all four levels of Basic Canoeing) is a 24 hour course that is for the individual who wishes to become skilled at both tandem and solo canoeing.  This course is a gateway to the higher levels of paddling including instructor’s courses.

Cost:  $350.00


Basic Instructor is a 48 hour course and allows successful candidates to instruct all Basic Level courses.  Participants must be at least 16 years of age and have completed ORCKA Basic Canoeing level 4 equivalent certification or comparable skills and experience (with permission of the course director).  This is a demanding and high level course that will take the candidate to the next level of paddling and instruction.

Cost:  $750.00   E-mail to set up course dates and times